We honor those we have learned from by saying their names.

Calling In & Up was built on shared knowledge. Throughout the guide you will see that we attribute the source of the ideas, tools and methods included whenever possible. They are also all compiled here on this page. This guide is also a living document, an open source for Women of Color and their comrades that will grow and improve through input and new perspectives. Please use this guide freely and spread it widely, and as you do, we ask that you attribute it as a source and use the tag #CallingInandUp when you post on social media.

Cover Photographs: Kathy Mor
Other p
hotographs were taken by facilitators and participants of Community Change’s Women of Color programs.

1: The Root

Combahee River Collective Statement

“Black Mama’s Bail Out Day”: Movement Grows to Free Black Women from Jail for Mother’s Day on Democracy Now (May 10, 2019)

Practicing Equity: Activating Oppositional Consciousness from the Margin by Zuri C. Murphy for Non Profit Quarterly (27 February 2020)

Race to Lead, Women of Color in the Nonprofit Sector by Ofronama Biu for Building Movement Project.

Learning to (Re)members the Things We’ve Learned to Forget, Endarkened Feminisms & the Sacred Nature of Research & Teaching by Cynthia B. Dillard (2012)

2: Our Core Pedagogy

Transformative Organizing: Toward Liberation of Self and Society from Social Justice Leadership

Future Trends in Leadership Development by Nick Petrie for Center for Creative Leadership

Emerging Trends Report: Talent Reimagined (2019) - 7 Emerging Trends for Transformative Leaders in Center for Creative Leadership

3: Assembling Our Ride or Die

Gallup’s Strengthsfinder

Move to End Violence Facets of Core Strengths tool

Practicing Equity: Activating Oppositional Consciousness from the Margin, Zuri Tau in NonProfit Quarterly (February 2020)

4: Envisioning & Design

Transformative Organizing: Toward Liberation of Self and Society - Social Justice Leadership

Power 50 Evaluation Report (July 2019) & Power 50 Mini-Intensive Report (April 2019) - Zuri N. Tau, Social Impacts

Where they Walk: What Aging Black Women’s Geographies Tell of Race, Gender, Space, and Social Transformation in Brazil - Celeste. S. Henery in Cultural Dynamics 23(2) (2011)

5: Wireframes & Sessions

Decolonization is Not a Metaphor by Eve Tuck & K. Wayne Yang in Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society (2012)

POP, Leslie Sholl Jaffe & Randy Alford, Tools for Transformation

7: Leaning into Generative Conflict

A Call to Attention Liberation: To Build Abundant Justice, Let’s Focus on What Matters - adrienne marie brown in Truthout (March 16, 2018)

8: Tools & Spaces for Embodying New Habits

Peer Coaching: How We Use It and Why We Like It, Compass Point