Some space to journal and reflection on this moment of Covid 19 and Homelife. It’s been a surreal year or so for all of us. The world is shifting. Our communities are distributed. Our households and families are trying to figure it all out. So much is going on. We’re learning new things everyday and each day brings a new layer of how this coronavirus has/will impact us. Our families. Our communities, and the world. It’s a lot.

This template can be used for daily reflection, for reflecting after a gathering or retreat and at the end of a program. Is used as each day, indicate the day or date and copy/paste the template to have one for each day. Use a column for each team member’s thoughts about what the Liked, Wished or Wonder. You can indicate +1, +2, etc. after a comment to indicate that others have the same thought - for example, “I liked that the women were actively engaged.” +2 (indicating two people are in agreement with the comment.)

Adapted with permission from the Omega Women’s Leadership Center leadership development planning tool.

land recognition

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The Diversity Welcome, adapted from a Training for Change tool, launches each gathering, helps to “build the container” for shared learning and growth by reminding folks from the outset that we will make space for all parts of themselves and everything they carry with them.

This activity creatively brings the women and facilitators into community. Because the poems bring out unobservable characteristics, they reveal aspects of each person’s unique story without focusing on economic, educational, or professional status. Give participants about 10 minutes to write, then have each person share all or part of their poem, making sure everyone offers something. They should hold onto it for the length of the program as it may be brought back into the practice.

This tool can assist you to:

  • Help others and yourself get clear on the purpose and outcomes of any intended action

  • Help instill in individuals, teams and organizations an ongoing discipline of focusing on results rather than activity

  • Create more real results with less effort

When to use it

  • When initiating any purposeful activity – small or large: a telephone call, an entire meeting or a single agenda item, a campaign tactic or the whole campaign, a training or a training module, a program or organizational initiative, etc.

  • When coaching or training individuals or groups to be more effective