Calling in & Up

A Leadership Pedagogy for Women of Color Organizers

Trish Adobea Tchume & Aida Cuadrado Bozzo

with Viveka Chen, Zuri Tau, Holiday Simmons, & Susan Wilcox

pedagogy [pe-də-ˌgō-jē]

n. the art, science, or profession of teaching

curriculum [kə-ˈri-kyə-ləm]

n. the subject comprising a course of study; the lessons and academic content



We welcome readers who are picking up this guide in many different contexts - Women of Color who just have a feeling there’s something to their leadership beyond being a good manager, independent consultants looking to design inclusive spaces, organizations looking to support Women of Color staff in a deeper way, funders looking for radical ways to support the cultivation of authentic leadership. We see you and we’re glad you’re here.

Readers Indigenous to this land, those of African descent, Black, African American, Carribean. People of Asian descent, Arab descent, European descent. Those who identify as Hispanic, Latinx, and people of mixed, multiple descents - we’re glad you are here

This guide focuses on building woman-centered space and we welcome all the ways gender is expressed (whether you are trans, cis, genderqueer, or anywhere along a spectrum.)

Readers with differing abilities and disabilities, visible or invisible, we welcome you.

Readers who identify as activists or as organizers and people who don't, this guide is for all of us and we are grateful that you showed up.

We welcome readers with different faiths, religious traditions, faith practices, private practices not belonging to a tradition, agnostics, atheists, seekers.

We welcome in all the emotions that drew you to this guide: joy & bliss, fatigue, anxiety, grief, rage, indignation, disappointment, contentment. We welcome the uncertainty you’re feeling about whether these models will speak to you and perhaps your desire for something more familiar. We’re still with you and we hope you’ll stay with us for awhile.

Accompanying Journaling Prompts & Coloring Pages:

Journaling Prompt: Who is the workshop or program you’re building dedicated to? Who helped you get to where you are today that you want to acknowledge?

Coloring Page: Atabey is the supreme Taino Goddess of fertility and water (Puerto Rico)

Journaling Prompt: Who and what would you like to welcome into the space?