Journaling & Coloring Pages

0: Akwaaba/Bienvenido

Journaling Prompt: Who is the workshop or program you’re building dedicated to? Who helped you get to where you are today that you want to acknowledge?

Coloring Page: Atabey is the supreme Taino Goddess of fertility and water (Puerto Rico)

Journaling Prompt: Who and what would you like to welcome into the space?

1: The Root

Journaling Prompt: Create your own I Am poem.

Coloring Page: Kuba (Bushoong subgroup) mask personifies Woot, the mythical ancestor of the Kuba people of Central Congo, and embodies royal power and prestige.

Journaling Prompt: Why is it important to you to support and cultivate the leadership of Women of Color?

2: Our Core Pedagogy

Journaling Prompt: The phases of Vertical Development offer a great opportunity for some movement! Use your body to make a shape or a motion that represents: Awake! Unlearn & Discern! Advance! - Then jot down any feelings or ideas that were evoked.

Coloring Page: Black Lives Matter

3: Assembling Our Ride or Die

Journaling Prompt: Time to draw! Recreate the superpower team figure (page 28) and brainstorm some folks who remind you of these qualities. Make the circles BIG so you can make expansive lists of your possible Ride or Die.

Coloring Page: Mandala, from various Eastern spiritual traditions, is a configuration of symbols used to focus the attention of practitioners and as a spiritual guidance tool to establish a sacred space.

4: Envisioning & Design

Journaling Prompt: Take a walk! Get out into nature or another place that brings you peace and start to reflect on some of the imagery noted in question #7 of the design guide (page 40). No need to write your answers down or try to remember your thoughts word for word. Simply engage your senses, reflect on this question & notice how you respond.

Coloring Page: Juneteenth flag was created by Ben Haith in 1997 and revised in 2000. The bursting star symbolizes the end of slavery.

5: Wireframes & Sessions

Journaling Prompt: Let’s apply the Like Wish Wonder framework! As you browse through the session guide chart:
Like: Pick one session you already know you’re going to love
Wish: Is there a topic you were hoping to find a session about that’s missing?
Wonder: Which session are you unsure or curious about?

Coloring Page: Native American Thunderbird, a symbolize used by various tribes, generally power and strength.

Journaling Prompt: Sketch! Create a symbol or image that represents the power of Women of Color in leadership.

6: Creating a Liberated Zone

Journaling Prompt: Take a look again at the practices (starting on page 67) that go into creating a liberated zone. Which of these do you feel most comfortable building into the workshop or program you are developing? Where might you need some help?

Coloring Page: Native American dreamcatcher is a talisman of protection and comfort used to protect sleepers from bad dreams.

7: Leaning into Generative Conflict

Journaling Prompt: Create a playlist that speaks to your relationship with conflict (such as Collide by Tiana Major9 & EARTHGANG, Stand Up for Something by Andra Day feat. Common)

Coloring Page: Butterfly by Favianna Rodriquez

Journaling Prompt: Reflect on a time when you found yourself engaging with participants who were showing up in some of the ways we describe in this section. How did you approach the situation? What new learnings came from the framing of conflict offered here?