We dedicate this tool to our nieces, Madison, Neveah, and Awo. We want you to know that we strive everyday to build a world that can hold your fullness.


To our current and future ancestors, particularly our mothers and grandmothers. Whenever something good happened in the space, something powerful or divine that we didn’t have an explanation for, we knew it was their hands at work. We appreciate our mothers for being living examples on this plane and our grandmothers for their continued guidance from the next plane.

To our biological sisters - Betsy, Lisa, Samantha, and Trudy - who taught us through bathroom battles, bedroom shares, and parent negotiations our first lessons in interdependence and principled struggle.

To “Team Liberated Zone” — Viveka Chen the Oracle, Zuri the Compass, Holiday the Healer — who expanded our imagination and breathed life and wisdom and skill and love into our vision.

To the first sowers of the seeds of these programs and those who cultivated the soil along the way: Dr. Charlene Sinclair, Nijmie Dzurinko, Tufara Waller Muhammad, Brittini Gray, Margaret Post, Yolande Cadore, Jaimie Walker, Grecia Lima, Ronnie Galvin, Wendoly Marte, Deirdre Reed, LaDon Love, Marcia Dinkins, Erika Peralta, Elsa Barboza, Tammy Thomas-Miles.

Staff of CC who provided support, wisdom, expertise and encouraged us. There are too many to name but special shout out to Kathy Mor (the GOAT) for handling logistics with such love and intention and Susan Wefald and Community Change Field Support Team for championing this work.

To the visionary creatives who used their time and their talents to make the power of this work visible to a wider audience — Cristina Rayas, Tamika Blu Wright, Jennifer Cossyleon, Maya Simpkins, Karla McClean, Clem Sinclair, and Maris Medina.

Deepest reverence and gratitude for the women of the women’s fellowship, Power 50, and the WoC Gatherings who have been our inspiration and our teachers. Thank you for your insistence that another way of organizing is not only possible but that it’s on its way. We just have to hold space for it.

Last but never least, to Susan Wilcox who is responsible for crafting the curriculum that follows. Thank you for seeing us — TRULY SEEING US. And for translating this into an offering for others. Ase.